Yudansha Kai

The individuals listed on this page are fully certified Black Belt members of the International Shorin-ryu Kempo Karate & Kobudo Kyokai. Members who are inactive are indicated with an * next to their name.

8th Dan:

#Darel E. Chase, Hanshi

7th Dan:

Under Construction

6th Dan:

Under Construction

5th Dan:

##Leon A. Major, Renshi

4th Dan:

+Khalid Raheem I

3rd Dan:

+Antonino Amato
Romeo Cross, Sr.
+Geoffrey R. Spohn

2nd Dan:

Under Construction

1st Dan:

John Johnston
Marc Mosher
Kirk Simmons
Henry Sloan, III

# = Hombu Cho
## = International Director
+ = State/Regional Director
* = Inactive

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